An Oracle Deck for the Waking Dreamer

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The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards

The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards are a completely new divination system emerging from a life of subtle energy inquiry & practice. It takes inspiration primarily from Western esoteric teachings & will find an inspired integration with many paths, especially those involving energy work with the psychic centers (aka “chakras”) and/or elemental practices of inquiry and initiation.

“It’s an oracle deck system that has been brilliantly thought through and captures the adoration of beginner oracle card readers and seasoned practitioners alike. It awakens. That’s what it does. Working with Wild Harmonic awakens something in you that you didn’t know was sleeping before. It’s great for inner reflection. It works as a supplement to tarot readings. It works in standalone oracle card readings. The colors are vibrant. The art is impeccably finished.”
Benebell Wen
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Origin of the Deck

The creation of the Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards began some 15 years ago as I set out to create a divination system that would reflect the subtle energetic principles of life which I had been exploring through magick and mysticism. The end result is a deck of 65 cards. Each card illustrating an elemental/energetic/psychic center relationship, revealing the subtle layers of life experience that arise from a deepening relationship with Creativity.

My desire for this deck is that people of many spiritual backgrounds are able to use it to reflect on their life path, a reflective and expressive inquiry which I call Creativity. This deck provides many paths to insight for spiritual practitioners of all kinds, including energy workers, magicians, psychics and sacred space facilitators.

“The Wild Harmonic Oracle Deck is the deck I turn to for added oracular insight and it always pays off. While it lends itself beautifully with any divination system, it also holds up as a stand-alone oracle in that anyone can divine with it and receive instant, yet lasting advice.”
Carrie Paris

An Oracle Deck for the Waking Dreamer

Life as an energetic dreamer is dynamic, and one’s map must reflect this. The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards are just such a map. It shifts with the tides and coalesces into a vision for the creative edge of the moment in which it is called upon. While it meets you where you are at in the process of unfolding, it also points to the balance points, the hidden relationships, the foundations that are being utilized and at play in the present.

The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards are created from the basis of the western traditions of esoteric elemental relationships. Beginning with the five classic elements, earth, water, fire, air and spirit, and expanding to include two more elements, celestial and dimensional. To round it out, to “mature” the energy of the relationships, an 8th pseudo-element, shadow, is added.

Not only do the elemental relationships which each card contains portray explorable energetic dynamics of life as a creative being, they also map paths to the often-overlooked relationships that exist between the psychic centers, revealing a new layer of energetic inquiry for those who play in such realms.

Go ahead and play with fire… and earth, water, air, spirit, celestial & dimensional too!

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