The world, our experience, our psyches are endlessly more mysterious than we will ever know. The mystics of antiquity knew this and also knew that the task before them was not to map it out accurately, in order to pass it on to the next generation, but instead to map it out enticingly, in order to inspire the next generation to keep going beyond. This is why we have storytelling and theatrical traditions at the heart of the mysteries. This is why our deepest truths can only be relayed in poetry, image and music. This is why we are starving for the wildness, depth and creativity of soul in a world obsessed with specificity and authority.

From my earliest days, starting sometime around the age of 5 years old, I estimate, I have myriad memories of what I can only describe as mystical experiences. These are the kinds of moments I will only share with others while we sit around a fire out under the stars. I am sure numerous others have had similar experiences as well, perhaps everyone, yet most seem to disregard and forget them in order to maintain a sense of belonging to the contemporary paradigms where the social currency is limited to the competitive and dissociated.

For some mysterious reason, I have never forgotten. I have not only remembered them, but I have valued them and allowed them to orient me to what I have explored in life. This has continuously lead me to study numerous mystery, mystical and magical traditions from around the world and from these I have developed what I teach.

I do not teach anything traditional nor culturally specific, though I imagine my themes do take on the tone of the indoctrinating culture from which I emerge. I could say I borrow here and there, but to be fair, I don’t ever just borrow. I study, I practice, I digest (those who know me would say I “obsess”) and I find a way to express what I have learned so that it points to the non-cultural, the directly human experience of what I share. I do my best to present my teachings in universal ways, for while I believe in the tremendous value of culturally specific understandings, and always give credit where it is due, I believe just as strongly in teasing out the universal realities that interconnect us all in ways far more powerful than our differences. I choose to focus on the latter, and leave the former to those who were raised to represent.

As for professional credentials I have spent many years with many different teachers learning many different things. As I said before, I do not represent any of those teachings nor lineages of which I have initiated. Nor do I care much to mention them usually. I will say that I am both a Minister and Doctor of Divinity in the Order of the Ascended Rose. These are dubious titles to be sure, but I take them seriously and have invested over 30 years of my life specifically into earning them by cultivating myself as a resource, as a worthy navigation point for those of my community which I serve.

My teachings are difficult to summarize, but they involve the cultivation of a life of awareness of subtle energies, waking dreams and the tending of the Psyche, the Psychic, the Soul. My deepest devotion is to the mysteries of Awareness itself, which are by far the most enigmatic to discuss yet can be said to be the altar of my heart. My love, art and wonder ever resides in the play of creative energies that are life itself, and the attempt to reflect inwards and outwards the soul of the world in my own unique way.

Gabriel Marihugh
June 17th, 2021