Wild Harmonic Coherency Cards
Balancing Our Energetic Elements

In the western esoteric traditions a common theme of inquiry and practice is the art of equilibrating the elements. This boils down to learning to “balance” the 4 basic elements (earth, water, fire and air) in order to open the gateway to the 5th element, spirit. As one learns to purify these essential four, they cultivate a deepening capacity for the fifth. As one exercises the fifth, they begin the process of embodiment that sinks in all the way down through the foundational four.

As the fifth element emerges it also opens the hidden gateways to the sixth and seventh elements, celestial and dimensional. These higher frequency elements are the ways of the stars, dreams, imagination, Spirit and beyond.

Giving you navigation points from which to continue your energetic conversation with the cosmos, and fitting into your pocket, The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards is the dreamwalker’s companion for this era. Dig deep, reach high and relax…you are dreaming.