Always Already

You always already are enlightened Spirit, and therefore to seek Spirit is simply to deny Spirit.

—Ken Wilber

Wizard’s Reflection

To create a thriving life, we seek out the numerous things we are missing to claim them as our own. Yet this seeking creates and amplifies a sense of lack within us that keeps our aims out of reach, trapped in a riddle of indiscernible cause and effect. The old adage that “you have to have money to make money” speaks to more realms than just money, as our health, wisdom and wellbeing all seem to mirror this paradox of wealth.

The trick then is not to seek but instead to find. Relearning to understand our desires as already manifested, not absent, but rather misunderstood and malformed brings us out of our sense of lack and into a direct relationship. We are then aligned with our creativity, working in cahoots with the principles rather than the appearances.

Suggested Divination Meanings

In what ways is what I seek already present in my life?

How can I better acknowledge the arising of evidence that my creation is coming about?

Am I insisting my creations take specific forms and thereby limiting the creativity of life?

Can I see the challenges presented as the path leading directly to that which I seek?

Am I stuck on the idea that there is only one path to where I want to go?

Can I let go of the accumulation of evidence against seeing my progress?

Can I imagine and feel what it will be like to reach where I want to go?

What perspectives do I hold that I would not hold were I where I am trying to get?

What would it take to be instantly successful in the way that I want?

Can I focus less on the objective and more on the principles at play?