Body Wisdom

The body is an endless well of wisdom. Even in a highly toxic or broken state, it is still emanating core teachings without which we are lost. In its healthier states, it brings those teachings to the fore and shines like an earth-born star.

Yet, with rare exceptions, our bodies have been through a lot. The trials of gravity and solid objects have had their way with most of us, at some point. A constant onslaught of errant RNA and other rascals have beset us since birth, and no few of us were even born with a predisposition to engaging physical challenge, of one sort or another. Add the influx of culture into that nefarious mix, and you have a recipe for deep denial.

“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.”

— Ludwig Wittgenstein

The Body As Psyche

Our bodies store our experiences, for better or for worse. In the case of the latter, we create a cache of armored energies that form as the result of trauma on any level of our experience. The intentions are noble: use these memories to avoid such trauma in the future. But that only works if we fully digest the experience. If not, it becomes a stone in our gut that we grip tightly as we dodge about.

These emotional burdens create a feedback loop that triggers when anything resembling our trauma comes again into our experience. It starts perhaps as an emotion, which then fuels a line of thought, which then becomes a description of reality, an attitude of expectation, which then feeds an emotional response… and the cycle perpetuates itself.

The Culture of Wrong Body

We have been raised bombarded by messages about our bodies. It’s too big, too small, too light, too dark, too weak, too bulky, too hairy… you get the point. In summary, we’ve all been told our bodies are wrong. This persistent message from our world establishes a sense of disownment, dissociation or even self-loathing as a basis for our relationship with our body.

To heal from this “wound a world wide,” we must reclaim our bodies. From culture, from other people’s ideas, from our own storytelling about them. We must re-establish a silent, loving, listening communion with our bodies. You know, the kind of vibe you want for yourself from other people. Give it to yourself. Give it to your body.

It Takes Time

Some version of the above is likely at play in you. It cycles, as do all things in Nature, and so it must be tended to over time in order to change it, redirect it. We do not need to make the body more natural, however, we just need to remove the artificial layers we’ve woven into its fabric. Given space and support to do so, the body will find its own equilibrium again.

When we can hear the body it is always speaking to us, like a many-faceted wisdom crystal. It teaches us about the cycles of nature, about our interwovenness with all things. It warns us of danger and signals the direction to delight. It can reflect back to us our feelings, our beliefs, and our heart. It is a constant invitation to remember the infinite presence of the newborn baby we once were, our original wakefulness that, like all of our power, has never left us, but only been hidden by neglect.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What is my body saying to me right now?

How can I better honor my body’s needs?

What wisdom is my body offering me to help understand this situation?

Am I in alignment with my own cycles, and with those of nature?

What practices might I use to clear my body of old, stored emotions that do not serve me?

What narrative about my body have I taken on from others, and does it serve me?

What stories do I tell myself about my body, and do they serve me?

What is this problem with my body telling me about my beliefs?

What is my experience of my body, when I hold no descriptions or ideas about it?