Body Wisdom

“Well, you know, don’t argue with the body, Jerry. That’s an argument you can’t win.”

— Kramer, “Seinfeld”

Inner Teaching

No Body Is Wrong

We have been raised in a bombardment of messaging about our bodies. Your body is too big, too small, to light, too dark, too weak, too bulky, too hairy and so on. All of these are simply saying, “your body is wrong!” Such persistent messaging from our world establishes a sense of disownment, dissociation and even self-loathing as a basis for our relationship with our body.

When we reclaim our bodies from culture, reclaiming not only our narratives and perspective on the body but also remembering to sink deeply into a direct, non-conceptual knowing of the body, we allow the body to remember its natural being. The natural being is neither wrong nor right but simply is awake and alive. The body is one of our greatest teachers of both our essential being and the ways of life’s energy.

Outer Teaching

The Body Knows To Say No

The body is an immaculate self-nourishing and self-correcting matrix of intelligence. It contains all of the elements’ wisdom and constantly demonstrates how they mix and match with one another, bringing a complex uniqueness blended with simple truths to life. As an interwoven layering of fields of energy and sensitivity, the body is always listening, learning, and always revealing what it understands.

When something is off in the body, it will tell us if we but can listen to its subtle cues. Hearing those cues, we get the chance to remedy the tendencies towards disease and injury long before they would manifest. If we disregard those cues, the body will intensify its alarm until we hear it. When the body says no, it will keep raising the volume until it gets our attention.

Hidden Teaching

A Well Of Wisdom

The body is far more aware of our circumstances and the probabilities of outcomes than we give it credit for. It is tuned in to the subtle vibes of our surroundings, taking in tremendous amounts of subconscious information, such as body language, tone of voice, glints in the eyes and shifts of the mood in a room. All of this information is feeding our intuitive knowing and available to us if we value it.

It is easy for the conceptual mind to objectify our experience and tell us we are a body “in” an environment. But this is an intellectual idea that has no basis in our direct experience. The body is not separate from the environment; the body and environment are not two. Consider for a moment that every aspect of your experience of the environment is an experience of the senses of your body. Being aware of your environment is being aware of your body.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What is my body saying to me right now?

How can I better honor my body’s needs?

What wisdom is my body offering me to help understand this situation?

Am I in alignment with my physical cycles and with those of nature?

What practices might I use to clear my body of old, stored emotional energies that do not serve me?

What narrative about my body have I taken on from others which dissociate me from my body?

What stories do I tell myself about my body that keeps me from harmony with it?

What is this problem with my body telling me about my beliefs?

What is my experience of my body when I hold no descriptions or ideas about it?