Ceaseless Beginning

“In the spiritual life, we are always at the beginning.”

—Ralph Blum

The Wizard’s Reflection

In The Beginning…

To begin something new is both exciting and daunting. We must allow ourselves to flaunt our enthusiasm and flex our will so that the Universe takes us seriously, but also girt ourselves for the long haul that most things worth doing require. To begin again can be similar in mood but also entirely different in character. Beginning again is one of the greatest acts we may ever take. It requires a strange mix of humility and temerity to let go of a momentum and to start from scratch.

As important as it is to know where we are in a process, cycle or strategy, in order to have our full potential at our disposal we must also recognize that this moment is always a beginning. Holding a timeline in mind has practical benefits to our continuity, but also the limitations of resources that a narrative implies. To see deeply into the present moment is to recognize that we are always at the beginning, if we but adjust ourselves to know it.

Suggested Divinatory Meanings

How can I make this next step feel like the first step?

What does it mean to act from a beginner’s mind?

How can my well-won life experience mingle with my innocence?

What history can I drop in order to be more present?

What energies can I reclaim from my past?

What energies can I reclaim from my future?

Where in my life can I start over?

What aspects of my life need to be seen again for the first time?

Knowing what I know now, what would I tell a beginner, and how can I hear my own advice?

What beginnings can I contribute to now?