Chaotic Return

“If you can’t love your problems, you’re not going to love more.”

—David Deida

The Wizard’s Reflection

All You Need Is

The word chaos has come to mean disorder, confusion, and madness. It describes things we find uncontrolled, out of line, or otherwise just bad. For instance, when we find ourselves lost in challenging situations, we might say, “it’s all just chaos right now.” Originally, it has a connotation of being the primordial itself, which gives it, and this card, a tint of the deepest mystery and path of profundity

Chaos is not a word most people would pair with love. Yet if what we seek is to grow in love, we must turn to that which we do not already love. While we may hold lofty aspirations of loving unconditionally, it is generally more realistic to take it one step at a time. As we encounter difficulties in our lives, both internally and externally, we have found an opportunity for such growth. In every case of challenge rising to meet us, we have the choice of meeting it with love.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What does it mean to choose love?

How do I bring love to a situation for which I feel loathing?

Can I love my anger or the anger of others?

Can I be loving and still respond to a situation with discernment and decisiveness?

What does it mean to be ruthlessly loving?

What is love that has no origin?

What in my life needs more love?

What other words can I use, instead of love, to help me find my way of expressing it (heartedness, compassion, understanding, listening, etc)?

Is this a situation calling for tough love?

How can I reclaim the power of love by expressing it more?