Collective Insight

“Collaborative intelligence is the light that is necessary for our individual and collective survival.”

—Dawna Markova, Collaborative Intelligence

The Wizard’s Reflection

Whole Systems

No one exists in a vacuum, and seeking the perspectives of others is an essential part of refining our own. The more different those perspectives are, the greater the challenge to meet them, and the greater the reward will be once the meeting points are found. The wolf and the raven know this. The mycelial network knows this. All successful whole systems know this and are built to facilitate and reinforce such collaboration.

A whole system not only thrives on diversity but relies entirely on it. The moment diversity is discounted is the moment a system begins to fail. Without the myriad voices and their unique nuances, speaking to the many aspects of the complexity of existence, we have no way of bringing into alignment, and harmony, the many parts needed for true health, wealth and happiness. By valuing difference, we open the way for radical empowerment.

Suggested Divinatory Meanings

How can I get diverse feedback on my ideas?

How can I provide my feedback and also honor the differences of perspective?

What collaborations are inviting me to join right now?

What ideas of mine would benefit by being handed over to others?

How can I learn from the collective about the topic I am interested in?

How can I improve my sharing resources with others?

What resources could others provide me and how can I collaborate that happening?

How can I engender more collaboration in my life?

What can I offer to the collective to help the collective to serve me in return?

What role do I play in the systems I operate in?