Covetous Designs

“There is a very fine line between loving life and being greedy for it.”

—Maya Angelou

The Wizard’s Reflection

The Jewel, Not The Lotus

If we were to look at human evolution as an alchemical process, we would see we have become fixated in the pursuit of the gold to such a degree that we are denying the value of the process of getting to it. Instead of valuing refinement through work and understanding, we attempt any shortcut we can find that promises at least the convincing appearance of success. We have objectified the idea of the gold as something that can be grabbed or taken immediately and lost sight of the truth that finding the true gold is in no way separate from the journey it takes to get to it.

We tap the nectar and throw away the pulp, pulp which would otherwise bring us the sustenance needed to draw forth more nectar. We pulverize mountains for a handful of jewels and leave once thriving land, which supported the complexity of life, to become a blight. We seek the jewel in the lotus and the lotus, even more so the mud which gave it life is cast-off as garbage rather than revered as a womb of potentially endless fertility.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What do I believe I cannot have because there is not enough of it?

What do I believe I must keep others from getting for me to have enough of it?

In what way am I avoiding the process by fixating on the goal?

Am I pretending to have something I do not possess rather than undergoing the process to attain it?

Am I obsessing on gaining something to avoid other parts of my life that need my attention?

Am I holding on to resources others need because I need to ensure I have more than enough?

How can I shift my beliefs about having enough time to open up more possibilities?

How can I shift my beliefs about having enough energy to open up more possibilities?

Am I giving back in equal measure to what I receive?

Am I tending to the different needs of the myriad sides of my inner wilderness?