Creating Sacred

“That, I think, is the power of ceremony. It marries the mundane to the sacred. The water turns to wine; the coffee to a prayer.”

― Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

Outer Teaching

Sacred Choice

The path of the sacred is the path of conscious choice. Such choice often comes to us slowly, as we emerge from the sleeping of our time-trance until one day we awaken our will and our world is forever re-arranged. The life of choice is always awaiting us; we have to choose it.

Choice is a mystery. We do not know from where it ultimately arises nor to where it will eventually lead. Such ineffability overwhelms the intellect and drives us to either abstract the mystery of will into an externalized story of tyrants, servants and rebels or disregard it completely as nothing more than a biological happenstance. But conscious choice is not a mystery meant to be revered, feared nor denied. It is meant to be lived.

Inner Teaching

Human Sacrifice

While we play with romantic notions of having our cake and eating it too, we must learn the art of sacrificing if we want to mature into our potential. We not only must sacrifice the many paths not taken, but we must also make the daily sacrifices by facing the challenges required of us on the path we have chosen. To walk down one road is not to walk down all others.

Whatever we spend our life doing, to whatever we give our attention, we are making a sacrifice of our life. This is the true human sacrifice, made upon the altar of our choice. It is a blood offering, not of spilled & wasted blood, but of the blood and breath that flow through us and express our life and the choices we choose with it. To awaken to this ceremony of offering is to shrug off the meaninglessness of the cultural narrations raised us.

Hidden Teaching

Sacred Space

Tempering ourselves to the feeling of the sacred, we learn to carry this feeling with us. The sacred becomes an energy that we can choose to see and feel, invoke, whenever we like, no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in. This capacity for choosing how we relate to difficult (and otherwise) situations is the heart of a path with heart. Trying to find the heart is missing the mark. Choosing and bringing heart is the hallmark of the wise.

This is not the bypassing of saying “everything is sacred” and thereby excusing ourselves from knowing the multi-layered, often tricky, truths of each given moment. It is the direct engagement of those many layers, contradictory though they may sometimes be, with the choice of reverence for the experience itself. The complexity of maturity will address what needs to be addressed on a practical level. The simplicity of the certainty of choosing to address it with heart will nurture all involved.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What aspects of my life do I know to be sacred, and how can I better tend them?

How can I choose to bring a sacred view to this situation?

Am I aware of and receiving what is being offered to me to help further my path?

What do I need to let go of to move forward with heart?

Am I treating the sacrifices of others with gratitude, acknowledgment and reciprocation?

Am I letting others choose my perspectives for me?

Am I living on autopilot or consciously choosing each step I take on the path?

Can I find more heart by bringing more heart?

Am I limiting my choices based on world views, religious or otherwise, I was trained into holding?

How can I see this situation as a sacred moment, an opportunity for heart, Soul and choice to both guide and serve me?