Deeper Self

“To know yourself is to forget yourself.”

― Dōgen

The Wizard’s Reflection

Beyond Beyond Beyond

The path of self-inquiry is rigorously ineffable. Knowledge of the self both meets us in every moment, more intimate than any other intimacy, yet is always retreating from our grasp as we try to claim it. To hold to any identity as a permanent thing is to cling to a mirage. To ever deepen in our sense of “I Am” is the invitation to deepen into the real, and a promise of empowerment, though difficult to discern until actual.

The essence of self has many aspects to it. It is awareness, the pure knowing of experience. It is peace, the silence behind all that arises. It is an allowance, so complete that no mirage could ever imitate such an embrace. It is unattainable, for it is always and already what we have always been and will always be. It sounds ridiculous to the task-entrained mind, it sounds disorienting to the one who would seek it. No matter how deeply we develop our knowledge of self, it can always go deeper.

Suggested Divination Meanings

How can I use the mysterious in my life to deepen my experience?

How can I deepen my inquiry into knowing myself even better?

What is my relationship with mystery and how can I improve it?

What ideas about who I am can I drop in order to experience myself more fully?

Can I learn to see beyond my limited views of myself and into a deeper awareness of who I am?

Who am I when I am not thinking about who I am?

How can I better relax into what is?

What is deeper than my current depth?

How can I better create my life to reflect who I know myself to be?

What is essential to the self?