Dream Speaking

“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”

― Muriel Rukeyser

The Wizard’s Reflection


One of the most vital yet lost arts which we desperately need to recover is the art of storytelling. By no means a mere tool for entertainment, it is the potent force of the currents of meaning which drive all human actions. To tell a story is to speak from our dreaming awareness, and doing so brings more vitality into our life as well as tending to the subtle connections between waking and dreaming. To speak one’s dreaming is to contribute a thread to the tapestry of Creation. To speak anything is to tell a story. To speak anything is to speak one’s dreaming.

As we speak, if we can also listen, we will hear both our integrity and our misunderstandings. This is not an art to seek perfection in, but a realm where the imperfect, the incomplete and the lost find a place again in the whole. To recognize this is to welcome the shamanic and alchemical processes that lead to the revelations of wholeness. A broken voice that has been made whole again is the most resonant expression known.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What new story do I now need to tell myself?

What stories rule my life?

Am I telling my story or is it telling me?

Am I attending to not just that my story is told, but how it is told?

What stories are currently present in my life?

How can I see my story in a new way to improve my life?

What story do I tell the world, with my life, and is it the one I want to tell?

What story do I feel trapped in and how can I change it?

Am I following the threads of true meaning in my life?

How do/can I create meaning in my life?