Empowered Discernment

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

― Warren Buffett

The Wizard’s Reflection

Casting The Circle

By far the most empowering thing we can do to cultivate our ability to say yes to life is to have a healthy relationship with saying no. A true “no” is rarely even needed to be spoken, for it ripples into the reality around us. It arises from an integrated, embodied certainty of the sword blade of choice. This life-giving blade cuts both ways. To cut things out of our lives that do not serve us we must also cut the corollaries out of ourselves.

To work magic we must have the space around us within which we can cultivate, circulate and resonate our will into being. Without the ability to say no to what impedes our chosen energetic currents we cannot hope to be successful in our aims. The art of alchemy is entirely reliant on the ability to craft an appropriate container for the chosen operation.

Suggested Divination Meanings

Am I speaking up for my boundaries in this situation?

How can I cultivare a clearer “no?”

What isn this situation needs to be said no to?

How can I learn to say yes to my need to say no?

What can I cut out of my life to clarify my path?

What can I cut out of myself to clarify my path?

Where do I leak energy in my creative process?

How can I better define my creative space/time?

What elements can I cut away in order to create more balance?

Where in my body do I find my “no” and can I strengthen it?