Entering Discovery

“All thought begins in wonder.”

— Plato

The Wizard’s Reflection

It is easy to mistake any experience or moment for something we have seen before. The world has ingrained within us an obsession with objectifying all we perceive to reinforce our sense of a solid reality that is the same for all. To awaken from the entrainment of “the world” is to step outside of thought-knowledge and into our innocence again. It is to learn that there is no knower or known, only knowing.

Of course, the world does not vanish, nor does its teaching cease to be useful. We simply unchain ourselves from the habits of assumption about life and give ourselves access to our inherent curiosity, innocence and wonder. Worldly experience takes its proper place as a potent resource for navigation and surrenders the throne of our perceptions back to our essence, within which we find there is only discovery.

Suggested Divination Meanings

How can I reorient myself to see more about the situation?

What assupmtions am I making and how can I see beyond them?

Am I truly open to learning?

What defenses do I have in place that keep me from seeing things with openess?

What is something new I have learned recently?

What is something old I have learned recently?

How can I reclaim my inherent innocence and integrate it with my worldly learning?

Where have I not looked?

Where am I avodiing looking?

Where do I wish I could look?