Experimental Inquiry

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”

―Frank Zappa

Entertaining The Idea

Similar to the balancing of fear with wonder, our skepticism best serves us when we keep it in check with an open mind. Open minds need not be foolish nor gullible. Married together, skepticism and openess form an integral whole that is far more discerning and penetrating than either alone.

The spirit of “entertaining the idea” is a nearly lost art. To truly entertain an idea we must set aside our biases, suspicions and skepticism for a time. Learning to tap into the curious innocence of our nature puts us in alignment with the unfolding path of the mysteries of awareness, which is life itself.

Suggested Divination Meaning

How can I bring more balance between my skepticism and openess?

Has my skepticism held me back from knowing more about reality?

What constitutes and open mind?

What ideas can I entertain in order to better learn from my circumstances?

What areas of life am I drawn to experiement with?

What have been the results of my life experiements and have I integrated them?

In what ways is life inviting me to explore without knowing why?

How can I better arrange my lifestyle in order to be cunducive to inquiry?

What biases do I hold that I have never questioned?

How can I nurture more curiosity in myself?