Force of Nature

“This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one.”

—George Shaw

The Wizard’s Reflection

From Spark to Blaze

As we develop momentum in our journey of the exploration of will, our inspirations take forms in the processes of embodiment. With time and wise tending, our path can take on a life of its own. Where we once had to fuel our momentum each day anew, suddenly, we are no longer the generator of momentum. Instead, we are taken up by the path, swept along by a fire that fuels itself. Our role shifts from one who must produce to one who must respond. From one who initiates to one who navigates.

Our will can serve to open portals through which life’s energy can channel through, within and around us. If we can maintain our center in such a flow, we become the flow ourselves. This turns us into beings with gravity. We become like a planet that others orbit around. When we learn to wield such potency with not just weight but also light, we develop from a planet into a star.

Suggested Divinatory Meanings

In what ways do my energies currently ebb and flow?

What larger movements of life around me are moving me?

What ideas or actions do I find positively contagious?

What actions of my own draw others to support me?

Who or what do I orbit around?

What orbits will bring me both momentum and light?

How can I better wield the forces within and around me?

How can my will strengthen my will?

Where in my life can I set a fire that will take on a life of its own?

How can my actions help my future actions?