Ground of Being

To see the ground of being, we must become it. Yet we can be nothing other, and we cannot become what we already are. This can take some serious sleight of mind, and no small amount of grace to explore. Yet this truth is so conspicuous that it requires an aberration to keep one from seeing.

Allow me to proffer up this humble tale of return, in the hopes that it may find in you a listener who is willing to entertain such notions as a visceral entirety. Set aside your expectations for this exhortation of remembrance. Lay your ideas of who and what you are down for a moment. You can have them back shortly. If you still want them, that is.

Because if this world peoples, as a tree brings forth fruit, then the universe itself, the energy which underlies it, what it’s all about, ‘the ground of being’ as Paul Tillich called it, must be intelligent.

—Alan Watts

The Mountain’s Invitation

The mountain rises up before me, a vastness of being, pushing into the sky and sinking deep into the earth. It has a presence that is all at once mighty and yet entirely still. There is power in that might. There is peace in that stillness. And I am filled with both as I open into the silent witnessing of it all.

I take it in with my senses. Though my thoughts come carousing in with their boisterous certainties, their attempts to claim this expansiveness with flowery description is an irreverence which, with a moment of remembrance and will, becomes an irrelevance. I take in this mountain with my eyes, my skin, my organs, and my bones, and they become filled with excited ease as I crest this precipice of return.

Only the Whole Can See the Whole

The mountain is both many and one, but I turn towards the one. I see the rocks and stones, the peaks and valleys, but I feel the group, the collective of them all, with my flesh, and take this in as a singleness. I watch as the gathering gathers up all that surrounds. A sea of inclusive awareness that expands and washes over the mountain, the land around and below, the sky above, the horizon, and space beyond. It washes over my feet and engulfs my body, my mind. All that I know.

There is now just this one, this isness of being, this being-ness, the physical and metaphysical pre-calculation sum of it all. If it is, in any way, it is in this one, of this one, is this one. This is the ground of being. The presence, the comprehensive, the totality. Ah, but see there—it moves!

Changeless and Changing

As the desert seers say, “power is and power moves.” Their word for this entirety is “power,” for the one is the only power there can be, and so is the only to be worthy of the title. Power is, as I have spoken already. And power moves. Oh, how it moves. It is not just a noun but a verb. It is being-ness-ing.

The great one is a constant being, yet in itself is in continual change. From the ever-creeping nearly hidden geological movement through time to the flash in the pan spark of life that is a civilization, a person, a word spoken and then gone.

Grounding Is

By sinking deep into this primordial yet ever new being-ness-ing my nervous system is once again allowed to know it is integrated with an endless web of processing assistance. I don’t have to make this happen. I just have to return to the ground of being, with my visceral attention, and the intrinsic alliance of the intelligence of the universe instantly begins to aid my development. It soothes my nerves with a bath of completion that allows my body to relax into the effort, allows my mind to recalibrate to the marriage of inspiration and reason.

By tuning back into this, the biggest picture, I am able to more coherently see the details of my individuality (a word containing many enigmatic answers!). By re-apprehending what has been missing me, I begin to see my own moment anew and to see the great and small of what I have been missing.

Suggested Divination Meanings

Something is so obvious it is being missed.

Something is available that is incredibly powerful, but can only be tapped into intuitively, viscerally.

It is time to be present.

It is time to ground.

It is time to be unmoving.

It is time to expand your sense of self.

The whole is supporting the partial if the partial will but allow or recognize it.

It is time to commune with nature/cosmos.

Nature is inviting you to be a part of it again.

Nature/cosmos is showing you the answer and showing you how to receive it.