Ground of Being

“Remember at all times what is coming to be and passing away, and focus on that which abides.”

—Ralph Blum, The Book of Runes

Outer Teaching

Grounding Into the Obvious

To ground into our being is the most basic choice we can make. While it is a choice, it is not an act of will exactly. Grounding into our being is akin to relaxing, to letting go, a not-doing. Our being is one of the most obvious aspects of our experience and it holds a powerful key to navigating life. When we are grounded in our being, we are in touch with the simple silence of the mountain.

Perceiving from this ground, we can see life in the most simple, obvious, and practical of terms. Taking action from this ground is to answer the question, “what is the next most obvious thing to do?” While our long-term and grand designs may require complex and manifold to-do lists branching out through time, in the moment of being, we are only ever able to take the next step.

Inner Teaching

Changeless & Changing

As the seers of antiquity might say, there are only two things we can know for sure about the power that shapes all of life, “power is and power moves.” This ineffable, immanent and irreducible fact of our direct experience of the magically-arising creative play of life is not just an indication of what we encounter but of what we are.

To root our certainty, to draw our life from the stillness of being, is to act in cahoots with the unchanging wholeness of totality. The alternative that of trying to root into the ever-changing appearances of the creative play of life’s energy leaves us at the mercy of the fickleness of feeling and the dissociating objectification of thought.

Hidden Teaching

The Mountain’s Invitation

The mountain rises up before us, a vastness of being, pushing into the sky and sinking deep into the earth. It is all at once an impacting force of presence and entirely still. It is the many, the rocks and trees and rivers and creatures. It is the one, the mountain. To summit is an entraining invitation to join in this totality, an invitation which can only ever be accepted by taking one step at a time.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What is so obvious it is being missed?

What power is available which can only be tapped into by letting go?

How can I be more present to the situation at hand?

How can I be more grounded in my life?

In what way can not acting bring about beneficial change?

How can I expand my sense of self?

How can I allow the whole to support me?

In what way can I take time to commune with nature and the cosmos?

How can I better align with natural energies?

What is nature trying to reveal to me in its stillness?