Holistic Synergy

“One hand washes the other.”


The Wizard’s Reflection

Hearken To The Call

Within each of us is a holographic reflection of the totality of Creation. We emerge from Creation, and are called forth by it, to become the individualized expressions that we each are. We are not meant to set aside our uniqueness in order to serve the whole. Our uniqueness is specifically coded to serve the whole.

Just as the baker needs shoes and the shoemaker needs bread, we all play relevant, even vital roles in others’ lives. We need not turn away from our interests and take on the roles that culture has determined we must play. Our callings are the voice of the totality reaching out to us through the complexity of Creation and inviting us to become supported in being what we truly want to be.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What inner calling can I hear and respond to?

In what ways do my interests interconnect with those of others?

Am I placing myself in the position of being supported by others to bring my vision to the world?

Am I being open to and cultivating synchronicity to progress my aims?

Is life giving me symbolic guidance that will help point me in the right direction?

What can I learn from others now that will help me better accomplish my goals?

Do I feel worthy to receive the support of the universe for being myself?

What can I do now that will help others to help me later?

In what way can one aspect of my life help another aspect of my life?

How can I clarify my sense of calling or purpose in the world?

How can I better act on my calling or sense of purpose in the world?