Immaculate Imperfection

“Embrace the honesty of imperfection and you will be unstoppable.”

― Alice Bag

The Wizard’s Reflection

Loving What Is

It is tempting to take on the mechanical view of the Universe, to see it as a machine with innumerable interlocking parts that work for and against various outcomes. This is a useful view, but when we fixate on it we engage in the perfection game, which is always to the detriment of authenticity, uniqueness and well-being. To build a machine, it helps to see things as a machine. To create a thriving life, we must learn to see things beyond the polarity of perfection and imperfection.

In music, the more transcendent the player the more they embrace, even invite, mistakes. When improvising, if one wobbles, they merely need to repeat the wobble at just the right moment and it turns a wobble into a wonder. Such magic is at the core of music’s ability to draw us out, both player and audience, of our linear trances and into the nexus of the moment of creation. It is how all of the elements of the Universe play with each other, should we dare to see it that way.

Suggested Divination Meanings

How are my ideas of perfection keeping me from moving closer to ideal?

How can I better embrace awkwardness?

How can I learn to discern the gifts hidden within imperfection?

How can imbalance inform my centering?

In what way can I sink into what is rather than fighting against it?

How can I turn a mistake into an act of genius?

Can I learn to use my perfect pictures as guides rather than measures of validity?

Can I see this fall as a learning to fly?

Can I soften my reaction to imperfection to allow for more humaity to flow through me?

How can I move from rigid insistance into open flow?