Immune System

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

― Albert Einstein

The Wizard’s Reflection

Deviate from the Norm

To one degree or another, all things, large and small, have an immune system. Societies and their cultures all have patterns that seek to perpetuate them. Organizations have defenses at play to deal with challenges and keep entropy at bay. And just as our physical bodies defend themselves, so do our emotional, mental and willful bodies seek to establish and maintain their patterns as habits. All things taking form do so with the support of such systems.

Our physical immune system is a beautiful teacher about how these systems operate and can be adjusted. At its best, it is a system of interlocking patterns kept in place to perpetuate healthy functionality. When it is malfunctioning, it will still defend this state by locking patterns of experience and behavior into place. In any instance, it aims only to maintain the norm. To adjust the norm, we must address the system which maintains it.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What can I do to improve my immune system right now?

What behaviors am I clinging to that keep me from growth?

How can I change from struggling with immunity to graceful immunity?

In the face of contrast, how can I affirm my true intentions clearly?

What would I need to change about myself or my situation in order to be the creator I want to be?

How can I stay true to my aims even whn I manifest the opposite?

How can I cultivate relationships with my many imune systems (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and so on)?

How can I bring my behaviors into alignment with what I am asking for?

Do I hold beliefs that are in conflict with what I say I want to create?

What actions can I take to establish new, more healthy patterns?