Ineffable Delight

“Applaud my friends, the comedy is over…”

― [Supposedly] Beethoven [on his death bed]

The Wizard’s Reflection

The Liberating Embrace

To find the humor in a situation, we must take a moment to stand outside it. We can only touch and discern the spirit of the moment by sensing beyond the current situation into a greater context of perspective. Yet we must also be intimately in touch with the situation to perceive and effectively bring through the lightness present. To grasp at a laugh without standing apart from things is only to find cynicism. To attempt to relay the humor without being in resonance with the moment promises further polarization.

Learning to attune ourselves to empowering playfulness brings us healthy neutrality and a deep connection to things. Finding access to and harmonious expression of such a perspective is sometimes challenging, but when it occurs, it brings a potent mixture that disperses the tension and unifies the perspectives.

Suggested Divination Meanings

How can I bring the spirit of play to this situation?

How can Iimprove my sense of humor?

Am I taking things to seriously?

How can I approach my tasks with joy?

What role does laughter play in my life?

Can I discern between empowering humor and depleting humor?

Am I in touch with the Cosmic Joke?

Do I take time to slow down and enjoy the moment?

How can I be more lighthearted?

How can I connect with others through humor?