Infinite Expressions

“Genius is the ability to independently arrive at and understand concepts that would normally have to be taught by another person.”

― Immanuel Kant

The Wizard’s Reflection

Drawing From The Wells Of Self

Each person is a locus of creation, both composed of many contributions and unique to them all. While we each have our local autonomy, we also have deep ties to the many iterations of creation that brought us forth. Our body-minds are the contemporary expressions of an ancient path of life that we would call our ancestors. Our soul is akin to this human lineage and to the many other strata of our creation that defy common thought.

We remain mostly unaware of these substrata of our being, in general, though they continue to pulse through us in both subtle and overt ways. We may call them archetypes, or think of them as past, parallel, or future lives, soul-family collectives, or even simply other sides of our persona. No matter how we choose to see them, we can learn to connect with these many sides of self and draw upon the talents and perspectives they contain.

Suggested Divination Meanings

How can I better become aware of my past/paralell/future lives?

What paralell lives do I sense and what are they inviting me to see in their reflection?

How can I become more conscioulsy aware of my ovrsoul and how it pulses guidance through my life?

How can I explore the anility to connect with a knowing not based on linear learning?

What different sides of myself are yearning to be brought forth and explored?

What archetype could I connect with now that would be helpful in a current situation?

In what aspects of life to I seem to have an uncanny aptitude and how can I learn more about such gifts?

How can I clear the baggage from other selves so that I am more in alignment with my life path now?

What actions can I take to come into clearer alignment with my soul family?

How does my complexity of self contribute to my wholeness?