Intuitive Navigation

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.”

― Albert Einstein

Outer Teaching

Sailing The Seas Of The Hidden

The modern world compels us to rely only on only what we can reproduce and prove to others. This movement towards accountability is a valuable shift for us away from superstition and belief-based manipulation. Integrating this empowering process of fact-checking is a worthy undertaking for our long-term thriving. To let this one idea rule us, to let it rule out what it cannot account for, however, is to live a half-life.

The hidden intelligences of life are difficult to pin down. The moment we seek to prove them one way or another, they withdraw back beyond a veil. This makes sharing the experience with others highly elusive. The application of a scientific method, applied to these esoteric inquiries, is a dubious undertaking. But while we cannot generally prove the intuitive to others, we can confirm it for ourselves. This requires both a release of the need to be validated by others and a deep integrity with ourself so that we don’t fall into bypass.

Inner Teaching

Riding the Wind and Wave

Out on the open seas of experience, we are surrounded by forces beyond our control. Below us, the chthonic currents drive the surface situation with flow and countercurrents. Above us, the celestials ever guide, if we can see them through the moods of the sky; moods which themselves conjure the surface with help and hindrance. Attempting to sail in such seas with preconceptions about what will be asked of us is sheer folly. Receptivity is the key for, without it, we will miss the indications for adjustment and moments of opportunity for progress.

Such indications can be whispers, so we must tune ourselves to the subtle. They can also be complex, so we must acclimate to the task of riddling out the enigmas presented. If we wish to know the indications of the hidden realms, we must learn to understand their language. It is a process of trial and error. We must be courageous enough to make mistakes, humble enough to admit them and enduring enough to course-correct.

Hidden Teaching

Tuning Our Vehicle

Intuitive impulses come in numerous forms. Some people see images; some hear sounds. Others simply know, and yet others may touch or smell or be engulfed in a combination of more than one form. We may get a gut feeling. We may get a sudden knowing flash. We may get goosebumps on our arms or upright hackles on our necks. The forms intuition takes are an expression of individuality. Yet, no matter the form they take, the one thing they all have in common is that they arrive in the moment.

To live with the intuitive is to cultivate living in the moment. The intuitive is ever calling us beyond our past experiences, and so to hear it, we must learn to drop our personal historical references. We cannot hope to understand the intuitive through the filters of past experience as such filters are attempts to recreate patterns from our history rather than move with the immanence of a direct living experience. The intuitive is never looking to reinforce calcified perspectives. The intuitive is the way of intelligent, living energy.

Suggested Divination Meanings

In what ways am I receiving intuitive understandings or impulses?

In what directions are my intuitions guiding me to act.

What practices might I do to deepen my ability to receive intuitive intelligence?

In what direction does it seem life is indicating I go?

What have I learned from acting on my intuition to help me better understand what to do now?

What do I sense I should do in this situation that defies logic?

How can I track my intuitive understandings and actions to refine my understanding of the language of the hidden?

Am I letting the desire to prove something to others get in my way of acting from my genius?

In what way is my heart inviting me to flow?

Am I disregarding inner guidance because it is not as loud as my fears?