Negation Trance

“Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.


The Wizard’s Reflection

Certainty’s Flaw

A truth of our existence, even on the most practical of levels, is that we cannot have total certainty about anything. Even the most controlled world cannot account for everything that may occur at any time. From the influence of others to the occurrence of natural disasters, endless factors are forever beyond one’s control. Whether we know this consciously or not, on some level, we all know there is no such thing as total certainty. Yet we need certainty to operate with any effectiveness. This contradiction, left unintegrated, creates a grasping for, even an addiction to anything that seems to be certain.

When someone who can wield an air of certainty steps forward, they seem like a promise to fill this certainty void. Shadow leadership emerges as anyone who can be convincingly confident gathers flocks of the uncertain to their cause. A trance of negation is born as the certainty-addicted seek to negate any ideas or notions that would bring the foundations of their confidence into question.

Suggested Divination Meanings

Am I looking to sidestep responsibility by following someone else’s well-spoken lead?

Am I addicted to knowing facts, being right about things, and crushing any ideas I hear that may indicate otherwise?

Have I become so uncertain about things that I cannot entertain the idea of anything being true?

Am I failing to see the shadow in the light and the light in the shadow?

Have other people’s ideas become more important to me than understanding my own?

Have my ideas become more important to me than understanding other people’s ideas?

Am I using the illusions of positive-sounding rhetoric to justify negative actions?

Have descriptions of life, which I hold, caused me to turn from optimism to cynicism?

Am I on a path of addictive denial?

Am I waving the flags of “facts” and “proof” without knowing the truth firsthand for myself?