Negation Trance

“Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.


Outer Teaching

Linguistically Locked

The linear, phonetic, written language is handy as raw materials for assembling vast imaginal structures from which we can harvest tremendous insight and understanding. Yet, it brings with it a structural bias of certainty that is not reflective of reality. In its specificity, it becomes blind to its own definitiveness, and those who write and speak it will also think it and filter their perceptions through the words’ limitations.

Even when we say something as simple as, “I know nothing,” we contradict ourselves with the statement as it clearly describes something we know in no uncertain terms. Such contradictions are woven into the fabric of our language and they co-opt and corrupt our perspectives when we rely on words to find reality. We become fixated on our linguistically imposed certainty, addicted even, and attempt to decry all that appears to contradict us.

Inner Teaching

Certainty’s Flaw

The truth of our existence, even on the most practical of levels, is that we cannot have total certainty about anything. Even the most controlled world cannot account for everything that may occur at any time. From the influence of others to the occurrence of natural disasters, endless factors are forever beyond one’s control. Whether we know this consciously or not, on some level, we all know there is no such thing as total certainty.

Pair our addiction to certainty with its absolute absence and you get a vacuum. When someone who can wield an air of certainty steps forward, they seem like a promise to fill this vacuum. Shadow leadership emerges as anyone who can be convincingly confident gathers flocks of the uncertain to their cause. A trance of negation is born as the certainty-addicted seek to negate any ideas or notions that would bring their confidence into question.

Hidden Teaching

Entrained With Dispersion

This is how we turn from proactive optimists into knee-jerk cynics. This is how we fall from discernment into tyranny. This is how we come to believe that we can only trust our distrust of difference. Rather than face the endless sea of uncertainty and allow such insecurity to temper us into elders, we opt instead for an attempted conclusion by wielding the destructive art of rationalized negation. We succumb to toxic bias and attempt to cut off the nose to spite the face.

By playing only with extreme versions of ideas, the trance convinces itself it is visionary and expansive. Yet, it exists locked in and limited to a struggle of denial that it is perpetuating. It uses words like complexity and nuance but refuses to see them outside of its defined realm of right and wrong. It claims an all-encompassing understanding but only ever responds to and with the most radical versions of the views, negating all subtlety and connectivity from possibility.

Suggested Divination Meanings

Am I looking to sidestep responsibility by following someone else’s well-spoken lead?

Am I addicted to knowing facts, being right about things, and crushing any ideas I hear that may indicate otherwise?

Have I become so uncertain about things that I cannot entertain the idea of anything being true?

Am I failing to see the shadow in the light and the light in the shadow?

Have other people’s ideas become more important to me than understanding my own?

Have my ideas become more important to me than understanding other people’s ideas?

Am I using the illusions of positive-sounding rhetoric to justify negative actions?

Have descriptions of life, which I hold, caused me to turn from optimism to cynicism?

Am I on a path of addictive denial?

Am I waving the flags of “facts” and “proof” without knowing the truth firsthand for myself?