Not Worthy

“People hasten to judge in order not to be judged themselves.”

― Albert Camus, The Fall

The Wizard’s Reflection

Passing Judgement

It is easy to abstract the idea of value by using the filters of our culture and our goals. This is not inherently a negative approach as it helps us to discern how to relate to the world in order to elicit the response we desire. But when we forget our filters are highly subjective and ultimately temporary, we can lose ourselves in thinking that our thoughts are true and fall prey to the compulsion of casting judgment on others and ourselves.

This is not the practical judgment used to determine when it is safe to cross the street or not. It is the intense condemnation of self and others, from the casual to the strategic, that serves only to lock us into self-negation and mutual denial which robs us of our life force and creative perspective. The fuel for such derangement is emotional, but the source is always a defended mental position of low self-esteem-based self-righteousness.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What judgements am I holding that limit my sense of possibility?

Have my judgements of myself and/or others become obsessive and draining?

Do my self judgements serve to negate validity rather than clarify my sense of self?

Can I see the true ramifications, to myself and others, for the judgements I hold?

Am I stuck in a pattern of accusation and blame rather than rectification?

Do I negate my own validity in order to avoid others doing so?

Do I negate the validity of others in order to avoid looking at and working on my own shortcomings?

Am I fixated on the downside of things rather than on noticing the possibilities for progress and growth?

Am I denying the negative consequences my judgements bring about?

How can I stay discerning yet linberate myself from the cycles of blame persecution?