Nourishing Roots

Rooting is a downward movement, as the water flows, and more often than not, a journey into darkness. For many, finding true nourishment is a total pain in the ass. But don’t let this keep you from trying. Such a creative crisis is no different than what every tree deals with its entire life.

One of the main challenges with finding nourishment is that at first glance it can seem rather straightforward. This is, however, incredibly misleading for most. Sure, once we get our nourishing roots sunk deep into the ground, it can become so. More than often though, we must go through a process of disintegration and re-integration in order to tap in.

From women’s eyes this doctrine I derive:
They sparkle still the right Promethean fire;
They are the books, the arts, the academes,
That show, contain and nourish all the world.


A Crooked Path

As we dig deeper into the soil, we will often find obstacles, stones that come between us and the hidden waters that we seek. We must become creative at these times. We must be willing to not always push our way through, but alternatively wind our way around such impasses, becoming clever in our path and willing in our growth.

What we find in such detours not only reveals in us deeper capacities for creativity and deeper strength for perseverance but also a paradox of unfolding that defies our logical need for directness. If we face an unmovable stone in our direct and shortest path, we will never proceed through it, and so it is not really the shortest path (it is no path at all!). When we allow ourselves to take the long way around, we keep our momentum and progress ever faster, and so the long, indirect way becomes the shortest route.

What Are You Feeding?

In the game of nourishment, it is all too easy to become trapped in feeding cycles that do not truly serve us. The cultural advertisements dictate how we should look, feel and what we should want; they have claimed ownership of our bodies and minds. Through our need for belonging we are hooked into such misinformation and rewired to seek out that which will satisfy our craving but not feed our substance.

It is true that sometimes what we need is pleasure and aesthetics, but only when that is in alignment with our energies, only when that will truly nourish. We have cultivated an unfortunate appetite for stimulation, diversion, avoidance, and gratification that does not arise from our real needs. These things glow brightly within our senses and we addict to their ever-decreasing satisfactions.

Digging for the Actual

Take a moment, or a month, and set aside your addictions to such gratification. Strip away from yourself all the habitual behaviors that drive the current patterns in your life. Recognize they are not bringing the nourishment you actually want. Recognize what you have been seeking is not what it claims to be. Allow yourself to be powerful and stand apart from trained momentums. Take a vow of inaction, that you will not take part in this illusory fulfillment, that you will not pursue old and trained inspirations.

Now wander your life. Tend to your business but stay free from the distractions. Take all the time you can to do nothing. Sit or walk or otherwise wander through your experience with no purpose other than the obvious. And stay alert to notice. Watch your life for moments that arrive where actual nourishment is found. It could be anything; great or small, with or without, doing or not doing. Let them find you and when they do say, “aha! I have found what it feels like, even if just in this small way, to be nourished! This is nourishing!” Take it in deeply and let this experienced knowing recalibrate you to the path of healthy roots. Repeat as necessary.

Suggested Divination Meanings

Am I being nourished by my actions?

Are these things in my life-nourishing?

Have I mistaken something in my life as nourishing, when in fact it is diminishing?

What nourishes me?

What does it feel like to be nourished?

Am I factoring in my needs?

Have I allowed my desires to keep me from getting my needs?

Am I facing something that I could benefit from by going around?

In what way do I need to grow in order to access deeper nourishment?

What needs to be nourished in this situation?

What is being nourished that is causing things to be held back?