Nourishing Roots

“Where is your water? Know your garden.”

―Hopi teaching

The Wizard’s Reflection

The Crooked Path

Deepening our roots is a downward movement into the murky, compressed and often obstructed spaces of our depth. As any tree knows, to expand towards the light, we must reach down into the dark. In such spaces, we inevitably encounter stones in our path which threaten to either trip us up or block our growth completely.

When faced with obstacles to and obfuscations of our nourishment, we must learn to be flexible and creative in our approach to navigate such places. Not all stones can be broken down, but all stones can be gone around. If we fixate on the straight path as being the fastest, we inevitably face delay. When we learn to adapt, to wind around our walls, we keep our momentum and find the way beyond.

Suggested Divination Meanings

Am I being nourished by my actions?

Are these things in my life nourishing?

Have I mistaken something in my life as nourishing, when in fact, it is diminishing?

What truly nourishes me?

What does it feel like to be nourished?

Am I factoring in my needs?

Have I allowed my desires to keep me from receiving my needs?

How can I wind around my obstacles rather than beat my head against them?

In what direction do I need to grow in order to access deeper nourishment?

What needs to be nourished in this situation?

What is being nourished that is causing things to be held back?