Nurturing Boundaries

“A lot of great creativity comes from restrictions.”

—Giles Duley

The Wizard’s Reflection

Creating Containers

When a bird is born, it spends its gestation inside the shell of an egg. Without this limitation, this boundary, new life cannot be born. Yet at some point in the process, this boundary that once nurtured life becomes something the new life must break through in order to continue to grow. At first, the boundary is nurturing, and protective, and then it must be crossed and new boundaries nurtured in the unfolding environment discovered outside the shell.

So it is with all creative living. We must create boundaries that nurture our growth and learn to respect them for the powerful role they play. The painter must choose a canvas, which is a set of boundaries, upon which to create their art. Yet we must also recognize when old boundaries have become outmoded and serve to limit our growth instead of nurture it. The artist of life must know when to break free of their old protective layers in order to continue the path of ever-unfolding.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What boundaries can I nurture in order to become more empowered?

What boundaries can I empower in order to nurture myself?

What boundaries would it be nurturing to remove or go beyond?

What aspect of my life is a limitation that is giving me the space to grow?

What is a limitation in my life right now that is it showing me how to focus my creative attention?

What old boundaries do I still have in place that no longer serve me?

What perceived limitations in my life are actually serving to help me cultivate my creative power?

In what ways can I limit myself in order to liberate myself?

How can I scale my intentions in order to make them more approachable in the moment?

In what ways do my limitations liberate me?