Perfect Circle

“Thought that accepts reality as given is no thought at all.”

—Herbert Marcuse

The Wizard’s Reflection

Round & Round

The power of thought is an incredible asset for navigating life and bringing creativity into it. Yet within the lofty lattices of logic and calculation, we can get stuck in oubliettes of seeming truth. When one idea is used to justify the other, rather than an actual embodied experience to which to relate it, we step onto a slippery slope of mental justification and recursive bias that serves to soothe our hidden fears. But it also keeps us entrained to the narrow view which it is built upon.

This is not to say that creative thought and logic should not be allowed to explore their own intricacies. It is a reminder that when we get lost in one small view of totality, though it may feel safe and satisfyingly definitive, we lose touch with the ongoing discovery of creativity and the mysteries of awareness. We encircle ourselves with ideas as protection from the constant presence and uncertainty of the unknown. We cut ourselves off from the invitation into the simple complexity of wholeness.

Suggested Divination Meanings

In what ways am I closed to the possibilities in the perspectives of others?

Do I feel threatened by the perspective of reality held by those around me?

Do I hold to rigid definitions that seem to protect me but really limit my creative powers?

D0 I feel reality is something that needs to be defended with my mind?

Am I infringing on other’s creativity by insisting they do it my way?

Am I pushing down my fear of the unknown instead of embracing it?

Am I open to learning new ways of thinking and percieving?

Do I try to force my truth on others?

Do I feel like others are forcing their truths on me?

Have I taken on other’s beliefs in order to feel a sense of belonging?