Presence of Absence

“It is only as [the unconscious] contents become conscious that change can begin.”

― Alice Miller, The Drama of the Gifted Child

Into The Hidden

While it is easy to think of life as constant movement, constant change, there is much within each of us stuck in place. These frozen parts of our energies are held in place by old experiences which we could not digest at the time and the coping mechanisms we donned to endure. These mechanisms are hidden from the conscious mind and lock us into unconscious behavior, responding to the past rather than the present.

Learning to discern and metabolize our invisible, frozen energies frees them up to return to the flow of our wholeness. Such healing brings with it vitalization of our body and mind and reveals to us entirely new perspectives and choices at our disposal that we could not see when we were held in the chains of conditioned historical response. What was absent becomes present. What is present discerns the hidden and a space opens through which we can move with power and grace.

Suggested Divination Meanings

How can I become aware of options I have that are not at first evident to me?

How can I better consciously choose my resp0nces to life rather than allow the past to rule me?

Where within myself do I feel stuck or numb and how can I approach returning life into this space?

Where do I feel blocked in life and what space can I find to move around the obstacle?

How can I better explore my own body, mind and spirit?

Is life holding me back until I see what needs to be seen, and if so, what is this I am not seeing?

How can I liberate my energies from the past to open the flow into the future?

How can I make myself available to the secrets of life revealing themselves to me?

What can I do to cultivate my esoteric power?

What am I missing?