Primal Pulse

Life is overflowing with its own vivid vitality, an energy that has a mind all its own. When such forces run amok in our lives, often because they have caught us off guard, they tend to wreak some havoc as they make their way towards completion.

Yet if we unlearn our naïveté to our own drives, if we can but apprehend the raw truth of the animal, it will not only lend its potency to our directives but also reveal a more profound, dare I say hidden, current of power. It is in the land, the seed, and stone and egg. It is in the wave, the wind, and the fires both great and small. It is embedded in us, within ways we can only understand directly.

“We are lived by powers we pretend to understand.”

W. H. Auden

An Awkward Emergence

As the child’s energies mature towards maturity, they have their ways with us, emerging as they will and pushing us either towards or against, in an effort to become. Culture has a way of dismissing this as just a stage, but there is nothing “just” about it. It is neither a beginning nor an end, but the uncertain, fecund realm between.

The seed is planted deep into the soil. At first, its shell is a protection, but once activated by the environment, it becomes the walls of a pressure cooker. The sprout builds an energy that can crack and push away the cage of the shell, then force itself through the soil until it reaches the open air. It is ignorant and zealous in order to succeed. Reflection and refinement are not its predispositions.

Creator Destroyer

The uprising is sudden and explosive. The terrain is torn by this insistence and melted to conform to this flowing forth of depth. Nothing can resist dissolution in the face of the heat of suns. What was before is forever changed by this destructive occurrence.

Yet in its wake is left a cache of fertility. Treasures long-held hidden in the darkness below have been brought forth and now propagate new possibilities where the old has been dissolved. Through devastation is brought rejuvenation. Through annihilation, creativity is funded.

The Secret of Scope

Within the common view, such uprisings seem random and frightening. If we change the scope of our view of such things, the distance and angle from which we perceive, we will find a surprising paradox: the unpredictable has a pulse to it. It is with such knowledge that we not only open our own ways, but we also arise ourselves into the greater prosody of life.

When we learn to see that the seed’s wild flailings are chaotic, yes, but also in rhythm with their own energies, it reveals that those rhythms are in sync with the greater patterns within which the sprout is unfolding. When we learn to integrate such awareness into our own lives, while we will never tame the primal (nor should we desire to do so!), we can learn to harness, to direct its flow through our lives.

Sitting In The Fire

Yet such aptitudes come at a price; to reach such an attunement, we must first risk our own downfall. The only way to learn of such mysteries is to sit within the intensity of their threat. Sitting by the yawning maw of the wakeful volcano, we must open ourselves to the awareness and possibility of its destructiveness in order to hear the whispers of its teachings on generativity.

Of course, harnessing such power is far from what it sounds like. For the conceptual, socially driven mind, it will ever allude, disappoint, and even poison. Only the silence behind all of creation can be followed into the heart. Only such presence stands a chance of a chance to acclimate to the pulsing dance of the Ancient.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What is driving me, and how can I attune to it?

What power am I not allowing to emerge from me, that is pushing to get out?

How am I not skillfully tending to the facts of nature?

What external dances in life are calling to my inner pulsing?

How can I more directly, less conceptually, encounter my own creativity/experience?

What needs to be cleared away for growth to occur?

What creative possibilities have I mistaken for destruction and ruin?

What in me can I melt down to open to expanded movement?

What hidden or secret pulses or impulses can I tune in to in order to proceed with power?