Quandary Crossroads

“Some people see the glass half full. Others see it half empty. I see a glass that’s twice as big as it needs to be.”

—George Carlin

The Wizard’s Reflection

The Choice Behind Choices

Life is filled with crossroads great and small, choices that define us and in many ways then determine the options we later have to choose from. No matter what choices we are faced with, behind them all is the meta choice of how we will view the choices we have. At times this can be as simple as choosing to see the silver lining. At its most potent, the choice of perspective can reveal other options we didn’t realize we had until we chose to see them.

The quandary of perspective is that we tend to be caught in the momentum of our past views. Perspectives are sticky and even addictive. They have a way of reinforcing themselves with confirmation bias to such a degree it could be argued we become ruled by our perspectives, rather than knowing them as the tools of navigation that they truly are. Having walked such a path, the most difficult choice we make can be to see things in a new, even positive light. Difficult, yes, but also completely life transforming.

Suggested Divination Meanings

Is this a set back or a setup for empowerment?

Is this “bad karma” or am I being shown something about myself through which to grow?

How do I shift my perspective to a more empowering one?

What do I consider empowering and how can my outlook reflect the cultivation of it?

In the heat of the moment, how can I learn to shift my view to a better outcome for all?

How can I break the momentum of negative interpretation?

What is it about negative viewpoints that nake me feel powerful by having them?

Do I avoid being “positive” because of how the mainstream portrays it?

How can I reclaim my own definition of positivity?

How can I liberate my perspective from the norm?