Shadow Guardian

“In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between them, there are doors.”

― William Blake

The Wizard’s Reflection

The Light Denied

The most challenging thing to do with a shadow is work with it in a positive way, yet this is exactly the great work set before us in the alchemy of life. Shadows are tricky beasts, dodging our attention when we hunt them and then grabbing the reigns when we are distracted. Such mischief is the immune system of the shadow and serves as a guardian to its hidden treasure. 

At the heart of every shadow is the light denied. To discover and reclaim this light we must develop very subtle capacities. We must be both confident in our light and allowing of our darkness. If we push on a shadow it will run. If we ignore a shadow it will compromise our will. We must learn intimately the ineffable realm between shadow and light. The liminal space within us is the portal to all healing, embodiment and understanding. 

Suggested Divination Meanings

What aspect of truth am I veiling, whether from myself or others, that could be contributing to problems?

Is there something I am in denial about that would otherwise help the situation?

How am I objectifying something that is more nuanced and fluid?

In what ways are my attempts at confronting the problem strengthening it?

In what way am I holding a sense of self-certainty that is causing problematic contrast?

In what way may I approach conversing with the problem rather than persecuting it?

In what way can I turn and listen rather than condemn?

What life lesson is being revealed by my current problems?

What would I need to learn to overcome this challenge?