Shadow Guardian

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.”

―Tennessee Williams

Outer Teaching

The Light Denied

No matter what form a shadow takes, there is no changing the naked fact that a shadow is a light denied. This shows us two vital pieces of information. First, we are dealing with the energy of denial, and second, what is being denied is light. This makes one at first think that we merely need to flood the shadow with light. Such overkill is, however, an alternate expression of denial. Instead of clarity, such knee-jerk responses only bring further obfuscation.

A shadow confronted is a shadow empowered. Our righteous light may seem to wash out the shadow we can see, but it tends not only to blind us in our self-important certainty but also serves to bring further contrast to the situation. This contrast deepens the shadows that lay further hidden within the folds, feeding them exactly the denial they are made of. To confront shadows in such a way is to deny the shadow, to feed it.

Inner Teaching


To successfully work with shadows, we must become nothing less than demonologists. This is a tricky affair, as are all things shadow, for we must learn from the shadows how to defeat them while not becoming further tainted by our very undertaking. This requires the inner silence, the impeccability of a warrior, the sorcerer’s unbending intent, and the heart of a sage.

To explore the shadows without causing them to run, empowering them further, or becoming compromised ourselves in shadow justifications, we must be both confident in our light and, at the same time, hold it back in just the right ways in any given moment. We must learn to walk between the shadow and the light. We must learn to travel in the twilight, the liminal, which means we must become, or realize we are, liminal ourselves.

Hidden Teaching

Communing With The Shadow

Once we understand that a shadow is the energy of denial, our approach becomes apparent. We stop denying it. Instead, we open communications with it. Some shadows may take more time than others before they come around to a conversation. Their denial can run so deep they need to see we are serious about knowing them. They need to see we are persistent, sincere, and powerful. Yet all shadows, being made of the stuff of denial, have a desperate, innate yearning to be heard, and this is how we get them to attend. We invite, and then we listen.

Once we have a shadow’s attention, we focus on the most empowering questions we know. What is it that this shadow is attempting to coax out of me? What heroic gesture does this shadow situation require I summon up to move beyond it? What aspect of my latent power is my deeper self calling me to summon, which will clear my path of victory? When you answer such questions with success, you will not have merely defeated your shadow. You will have recruited it.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What aspect of truth am I veiling, whether from myself or others, that could be contributing to problems?

Is there something I am in denial about that would otherwise help the situation?

How am I objectifying something that is more nuanced and fluid?

In what ways are my attempts at confronting the problem strengthening it?

In what way am I holding a sense of self-certainty that is causing problematic contrast?

In what way may I approach conversing with the problem rather than persecuting it?

In what way can I turn and listen rather than condemn?

What life lesson is being revealed by my current problems?

What would I need to learn to overcome this challenge?