Shared Breath

It is all too easy to dream of ourselves as apart. The mechanical-engineering view of the cosmos has lulled us into a trance of assumption, assumption of not only the ideas of a parts-driven view but also its ideals, and the assumption of the roles that serve in praising and perpetuating this myopia.

It is a tricky self-reflection to see beyond, because even as we begin to realize its coopting of our lives, we are still driven by it in our modes of resistance, succumbing to a mechanical design of a revolution against dark overlords and hidden designs. Our very urge towards breaking this enchantment is corrupted into being a way of reinforcing it. It is all too cleverly devised to utilize our resistance granting it persistence.

Being in profound relation to place changes everything about you—your voice, your smell, your walk, your morality.


The Way Out Is In

The funny thing about dark overlords who proclaim their dominance over all of Creation is that they too are subject to Creation. There is nothing in Creation that is apart from Creation. Even in the deepest emo performance that convinces our frightened minds otherwise, this actuality of unity will always remain unchanging. Like performers donning masks on a stage, they may draw us in and convince us of this and that, but the truth behind the costumes, personas, and elaborate set productions (fabricated contexts) remains the same.

There is no defeating a great performance. You can either wait it out or you can remember. Unfortunately, if you wait it out, you will find another show starting with nary an intermission between. But even in the midst of the great performance, we can remember. Even trapped in our seats amidst the roar of self-importance and the illusions of the dark arts entraining all around us, we can know.


You need not walk away nor stand up and defy but simply recall. You are in a vast, dare we call it an infinite, energetic network of exchange and relationship. There is nothing that is apart from this web of giving and receiving. We cannot get out of it, nor can we enter into it more. All we can do is change our orientation, to ourselves, to our contexts, and to all of Creation.

Let’s begin with a tree. Place yourself before one of these majestic beings. Or if you cannot get that happening, find a flower, or a houseplant, or, come on work with me here, something that is alive and growing and is in the plant realm of life. Take a moment to settle yourself and gaze upon this being, taking in its beauty, its uniqueness, its beingness. Now breath. As you inhale, imagine a flow of energy from this being into your being. As you exhale, imagine a flow of energy from your being into this being. Repeat many times. I call this a practice of “shared breath.”

Now Take It On The Road

Once you get the knack of this breathing down, try it out on other beings. Start with other plants and groups of plants. Try it with a whole forest or a garden, try it with a single blade of grass. Share your breath with a mountain, an ocean, the sky, the moon, and the sun and other stars too. Find the beings of the natural world that surround you and share your breath with them. They remember the energetic interconnectedness of all things, and by breathing with them, you will return yourself to this awareness evermore.

This is not about the resource management view of the harsh reality of interdependence. This is about the recognition of the inherent sacred relationship that exists throughout everything. As you explore this, you can try it with people. As you grow stronger, you may try it with the broken or even the toxic aspects of your context. Try it with a building, a city, a group of people, an idea, organization, and situation. You are not aiming to heal, you are not aiming to affect or change, you are simply remembering and reminding. You may not only do it with your breath too, for your words and actions, your walk and your talk, once remembered, are both very real forms of inhaling and exhaling, giving and receiving.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What beliefs am I holding that keep me sperate from this situation?

What am I forgetting that would serve to reveal my true power?

How can I better receive the support of the All?

What does it mean to be of service in this situation, to both myself and others?

What does it mean to “share?”

What is the breath of this situation?

How can I utilize my breath to reveal deeper interconnection and empowerment?

What must I give up in order to step into my power?

Am I letting Nature support me?

How can I rediscover my innocence?