Shared Breath

“Being in profound relation to place changes everything about you—your voice, your smell, your walk, your morality.”

—Tyson Yunkaporta, Sand Talk

The Wizard’s Reflection

Being Breathed

When we take the space to observe our breathing, we can become tricked by its simplicity and miss out on the subtle yet radical teachings it has to offer. If we are honest, we never find an object called breathing upon which we can rest our attention. This is because breathing is not a thing but a process. Breathing cannot be held like a cup and it likewise cannot be owned. The moment we try and hold on to our breath, our breathing vanishes.

As we sit with our breathing, we can understand that we are not only breathing in our environment but our environment is also breathing us in. Neither the inside nor the outside originates or owns the breathing. Breathing is a collaboration between the two or between the many and the one. Breathing is not something we have but something that has us and is an invitation to play a conscious role in the interconnected collaboration that is all of life.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What perspective am I holding that keeps me separate from the flow of this situation?

How can I tap into the power flowing to and through me?

How can I better receive the support of those around me?

What does it mean to be of service in this situation to both myself and others?

What does it mean to “share?”

What is the breath of this situation?

How can I utilize my breath to reveal deeper interconnection and empowerment?

What can I give up to reclaim my power?

What can I take on to reclaim my power?

Am I letting nature support me?