Snuffed Out

“I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.”

―Alan Moore, Watchmen

Too Much Is Too Much

Holding ourselves to impossible standards, seeking to serve or please everyone we know, trying to be everything to someone or be impressive to everyone, are all ways that we will burn ourselves out. Tiredness is an indication we need to rest and recover and to miss its cues for too long means we will be forced to listen as we are claimed by overwhelming fatigue of one kind or another.

Our inner light is never actually out, but our vehicles, our bodies, minds and spirits, must be tended in such ways as they need in order to keep the light shining through. When we lapse in our self-care, we succumb to the overwhelm of not having or being enough and collapse into the darkness of this shadow. The only way out is to fund the light where we find it, and help it to grow again however we may.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What is it that has drained me of my life energy and how can I remove its effects?

What is it I have lost that leaves me without enthusiasm?

How can I better manage my time and energy so that it is restored regualry?

In what ways can I find better reciprocation for my efforts?

How can I create a more renewable creative lifestyle?

How can I pull myself out of beaing beaten down and into a path of rejuvination?

What would I need to find in order to restore myself to not giving up?

What is it that has fallen away that I need to let go of in order to not be dragged down with it?

How can I better tend to my fire so that I am not over or under driven?

Setting aside my defeat, where can I turn that offers some glimmer of delight for me?