Sovereign Equality

“The King and the Land are one.”

— Perceval

The Wizard’s Reflection

The Harmony of Opposites

The path of sovereignty is not a path for everyone, though it is equally available to all. It is a path that asks more of us than we will ever have and, in so doing, invites either our annihilation or our growth into an ability to offer more. Such growth is not easy and, more often than not, requires endless sacrifices to be made. This is the paradox of sovereignty. We must cut away to become more whole.

True sovereignty is not about rulership. It is a path of radical service. The sovereign aspires to a higher view, to a higher will. Such non-ordinary heights can only be found through a deep giving over of our mundane perspectives, and yet once attained, mean nothing if they are not deeply re-grounded into the everyday ways of being. The sovereign must set off alone to yoke the heavens to the earths, yet can only find embodiment with the embrace of the others.

Suggested Divination Meanings

How do I perceive myself as a sovereign or a subject in this situation?

What actions and perspectives equate to sovereignty for me right now?

What does it mean to wear the crown, take the throne and reign?

How does my sovereignty encourage and support the sovereignty of others?

Am I preoccupied with the views of others?

Do I unconsciously take on the views of others as my own?

How can I cultivate a view that seeks to make use of the differences between people?

How can I cultivate better discussion and negotiation skills?

How can I better integrate with others who work in very different ways to me?

How can I reclaim my sovereignty or encourage others to do so?