Star Crossed

“A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.”

― Oscar Wilde

The Wizard’s Reflection

Negative Reinforcement

Negative and positive reinforcement both take the same amount of work, but culture entrains us deeply in the former and cautions us against the bypasses of the latter. In truth, the capacity to trust oneself, or life, and thereby take part consciously in our creation, arises from an ability to balance both a positive view of outcome with the negative, as discernment that helps cut away what will hinder us in our unfolding.

To be sure, some creations, at some times and in some places, are simply not meant to be. We can learn to see the potential of outcomes and adjust our aims to be more in alignment with what is auspiciously supported. When we allow such discernment to become manic, to accumulate into a world-view of increasing failure, and generate an “evidence book” that ever more seems to “prove” pervasive impossibility, we succumb to the momentum of defeat.

Suggested Divination Meanings

In what ways does my negatvity impact my life?

Do I use past “bad luck” to justify expecting more of it?

How can I remedy any habbitual cynicism?

Can I see the positive (lessons, beauty) in the negative?

How can I better emphasize the silver linings?

How do my negative views limit me?

What can I do to show myself there is a chance?

Where am I putting effort which will never pay off?

How can I step away from a “loosing streak?”

What benefit do I believe I have in staying in a loosing perspective/situation?