State Change

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

Albert Einstein

The Wizard’s Reflection

Uniting States

The attempt to sustain one state permanently is a defiance of perpetual change that cannot last. Still, we can use our knowledge of states, what creates and dissolves them, to invoke preferable states in a given moment. We do this naturally when we gather focus to set about a task, relax into light-heartedness to enjoy our company, or summon difficult forgiveness when we see it sets us free.

We may use tools to create the desired state. Substances, physical practices and social behaviors are all called upon to change our state. Such permission slips are like training wheels. We use them to discover and explore the state we prefer and, with time, learn to call forth the state without the tools. Such sorcery is not for the culturally mind-locked. It requires great personal responsibility for one’s own experience and a radical playfulness to allow for such freedom.

Suggested Divination Meanings

Am I grasping at a given state rather than embracing what is?

How is my state seemingly limiting my choices, and is that true?

Am I responding from the ideology of my current state rather than my totality?

Am I letting this state tell me what is real and what is not?

What state am I in and what state do I intend I be in?

What is the larger situation within which this state resides?

What responses of my own have helped bring about this state?

What am I letting go of and what am I becoming?

How can I be with and tend to the states which I prefer?