Talismanic Access

“We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”

—Marshall McLuhan

The Wizard’s Reflection

Waving The Magic Wand

Tools are essentially extensions of our will. Weaponry is called “arms” for they extend one’s lethal reach. The magic wand is the ultimate symbol for the extension of one’s will. Taking its’ form from the lever that helps one move a rock far heavier than they could otherwise, it becomes synonymous with the casting of magic, or as we might learn to know it, “spooky action at a distance.”

The tools of the trade give one access to express their skills along the lines of their craft. This synergy between tool and skill is an exploration of broader expression. Our abilities are able to reach further with the right tools at our disposal. Whether our tools are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or otherwise, they all serve this purpose of our expansion.

Suggested Divination Meaning

What tool do I need for the task at hand?

What would give me access to the realms which I wish to be in?

How can I extend my will into my life?

Am I using my tools in skillful ways?

Am I utilizing my tools in ways that benefit me and others?

What could I learn that would expand my ability to take action?

What tools no longer serve me and should be replaced or upgraded?

How can I imporve my understadning of the tools I use?

How can I become more aware of the tools at my disposal?

Wht do I need to give myself permission to do?