Total Freedom

“Thou canst not touch the freedom of my mind.”

― John Milton, Comus

The Wizard’s Reflection

Feel Free

Within any given circumstance, there is a temporal and contextual truth that our options are limited. Yet even with such limitations in mind, when we relax our views enough to consider things truly, we will often find options we would have never thought of without taking the time to recognize them. This is the essential part of freedom, to recognize that our perspective is always free if we so choose it and that we use such freedom to create a container for finding more.

In the most expanded metaphysical contexts, anything is possible at any time. This is not an easy idea when we are entrained in the 3D mentality that drives our current civilization. Yet whether we believe it or not, by learning to exercise our imaginations to entertain the idea, we expand our creativity into a limitless expanse. Doing so puts us in touch with our greater intelligence and reveals options we would not have seen otherwise.

Suggested Divinatory Meanings

What actions are possible now to help me get where I want to go eventually?

What do I believe freedom is?

Do I grant myself the freedom of perspective?

Do I give myself the freedom to be who and how I am?

Do give everyone else the freedom to be who and how they are?

What freedom do I think I do not have, and how can I reframe it?

What freedom do I need, and how can I allow/acquire it?

How can I exercise my current freedoms to foster more freedom?

In this situation, what is the price of freedom?

What is the relationship in me between freedom and limitation?