Transceptive Resonance

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

The Wizard’s Reflection

Unity Is A Loss Of Control

Deep intermingling has a mind of its own. To enter it we must surrender to the designs of something greater than ourselves and allow the expanded whole to lead the seeming parts. Such merging is tidal, and we learn to enter in, surrender, and then come ashore and reclaim ourselves again. Coming ashore helps us restore healthy boundaries, reforming the individual with a renewed sense of interconnection from which to relate.

It is not just between people that this occurs. The artist transceives with their art, the musician with their music, and the writer with their words. The gardener transceives with the garden as the hiker transceives with the forest. The surfer transceives with the waves as the skateboarder transceives with gravity. All of life is a part of the whole, and some aspect is always welcoming us into a moment of connection.

Suggested Divination Meanings

How can I open to a sense of merging with the person or situation at hand?

How can I better enter a true sense of connection rather than mimicking it?

Am I trying to hold on to a beautiful moment rather than flow with it?

Do I need to learn to let go of my individuality in some way?

What gifts are offered to me if I relax my sense of self?

What clarity arises by letting go of my individual perspective?

Can I find a deeper flow by more merging with my chosen art or other activity?

Who in my life is available for mutual communion, and can I honor that with my own availability?

In what ways do I hold the flow of life at bay because of cultural training?