Transceptive Resonance

We each are a many-layered field of energy extending out beyond our physical body and going deep within us to the very depths of our being. The most evident layer of this is the three-foot electromagnetic field generated by the heart, the strongest one in the entire body. This field is filled with information. Not just about the heart (as if that wasn’t interesting enough), but because the heart informs and is informed by the entire body, it is transmitting information of our wholeness. Of course, it is listening as well.

This simultaneous transmitting and listening, or transceiving, is a very clear way that we are each intimately in touch with those around us and explains how we can know so much about each other’s emotional state intuitively, or tel-empathically. Sadly, most of us have been trained to dismiss this profound source of information, or even worse, to mistake these bits of other’s emotional information as our own.

Like when you sit in front of a fire in winter — you are just there in front of the fire. You don’t have to be smart or anything. The fire warms you.

―Desmond Tutu

“Emotional Boundaries” Is A Contradiction Of Terms

Emotional bodies are inherently merging with one another all the time. When we are with other people, our emotional fields are mixing and mingling automatically. This is why we can feel so instantly put off by someone who is a “downer” or perked up by someone with a tremendous amount of authentic positivity. It is also why we isolate when we are feeling vulnerable and feel put upon by others in general when we are more aware of this process, when we are what is called highly “empathic.”

This is also why marketing works so well. When an image, an idea, a song, establishes an emotional resonance in a person’s field, they begin to identify with it (and vice versa, we often seek identification which then feeds the resonance). It can also happen that when we are around more and more people who identify with something, we begin to be moved to do so ourselves. Of course, there is far more complexity to this process than this simple description, but it does serve as a basic reference point for those seeking to increase their awareness of such processes and begin to change their relationship with these unconscious behaviors.

Merging With Other

While the shadow side of this process, as just outlined, is prevalent, the upside of this inherent urge to merge is also available to us, if we but learn to swim a little deeper. Most merging that happens between people is on the surface. Sharing ideas, bantering, humor, are all ways that we dabble in glimpses at unity. Yet when the surface of things becomes clarified, we can then see through to a revealed depth, and if we are up for it, take a plunge.

This most often arises between people who are mutually “falling in love.” They each have let their surface opacity down and they begin to blend energies on deeper levels. This results in a deep resonance where a profound mutuality can emerge. That is if we don’t run from or objectify it. Such deep revelations become, more often than not, profoundly challenging, as we either try to hold on to them forever or establish our individuality again (often with a vengeance). When we try and hold on, our longing to abandon ourselves to identifying with merging quickly becomes a bypass for wholeness. We must learn and remember that totality, in all its mystery, and by definition, includes both separation and unity.

Unity Of Any Kind Is A Loss Of Control

As with falling in love, such deep intermingling usually has a mind of its own. While we will surrender to it for a time when mutual love is the context, we eventually return to our more familiar state of individuation. Partly this is an energetic move to restore healthy boundaries, but it can also be a response to feeling out of control, which we are when we are given over to the greater whole.

When such merging arises outside of the context of love (or profound friendship), it can be radically dislocating. This is due in part to the loss of control inherent to such movement. In addition, we have culturally-conceptually confined such experiences as belonging entirely to the realm of falling in love, when in fact, it has nothing to do with romance or sexuality inherently, though both romance and sexuality are legitimate forms which merging can take. The truth is that such merging can happen between anyone, but when it does, it is often so alarming that we fight it off or even create toxic objectification aimed at keeping ourselves from such experiences.

The Pure Emotion Of Communion

When we learn to see beyond our identification with either individuality or totality, we became more fluidly able to flow in and out of either realm. We will find others around us, in moments of magic, where deep communion begins to spontaneously take place, for our restrictions on where “I” begin and end have become less conceptual, less dogmatic. Of course, such communion with others, as lovely, exhilarating, and life-affirming as they can be, is not the only “other” with which can merge.

The artist transceives with their art, the musician with their music, and the writer with their words. The gardener transceives with the plants as the hiker transceives with the forest. The surfer transceives with the waves as the skateboarder transceives with gravity. There is no limit on what it is we can merge with and find communion, once we begin to explore it. All of life is a part of the whole, and some aspect is always welcoming us into a moment of sharing and mutuality.

Suggested Divination Meanings

How can I open to a sense of merging with the person or situation at hand?

How can I better enter a true sense of connection rather than mimicking it?

Am I trying to hold on to a beautiful moment, rather that flow with it?

Do I need to learn to let go of my individuality in some way?

What gifts are offered to me if I relax my sense of self?

What clarity arises by letting go of my individual perspective?

Can I find a deeper flow by more merging with my chosen art or other activity?

Who in my life is available for mutual communion and can I honor that with my own availability?

In what ways do I hold the flow of life at bay because of cultural training?