True Will

“A Man who is doing his True Will has the inertia of the Universe to assist him.”

— Aleister Crowley

The Wizard’s Reflection

Forging the Will

As awareness of our purpose begins to emerge, we first set about to become hunters. While we may learn such skills in numerous arenas, we ultimately must apply them to ourselves. As we engage in this self-stalking, we seek to discover how our actions, our trained choices, serve to disperse our purpose, our life force and will. The clever belief complexes that covertly rule our actions become our prey in a perfect scenario where that which has held us down becomes that which serves to hone our might.

Once we become aware of where we lack awareness and needlessly drain ourselves by living unconsciously in a passionate play written by others, we turn from being a hunter into a warrior. Unseating the inner tyrants of our upbringing requires a herculean effort. Our emphasis changes from overcoming, from escaping struggle to facing the everyday challenges, no matter how mundane or annoying, as the will-tempering forges they truly are.

Suggested Divination Meanings

In what way is this situation testing me?

How can I reclaim more of my life by choosing better what to do with it?

In what ways do I allow my will to be drained by un-empowering acts?

How can I better align myself to make use of the momentum of current events?

How can I claim the will-forging power of this situation?

From where does will arise?

What skills are being called for me to hone at present?

What models of empowered action can I use to inspire my own?

Do I move to support my own empowerment?

What draining actions can I cut from myself using other actions?