Unique Frequency

“Individuation is to divest the self of false wrappings.”

—Carl Jung

The Wizard’s Reflection


Uniqueness is often painted as a radical difference, an exuberant deviation, or an eccentric insistence and exception to the rule. But these are conceptual notions that, while they have their place in cultural relations, serve to only distract us from our direct knowing of our true uniqueness. We must move beyond the linear and conceptual and instead look to our direct experience to find such truth.

Re-learning to dwell within our own unique frequency liberates us from the constraints of other people’s designs. It empowers us to move in such ways as to enhance our collaborative undertakings to more mutually beneficial outcomes. Learning to let go of the demands of others, even if just for a few moments, helps us to refine our sense of our own energy, and with that refinement strengthens us to move with awareness and power within the multiplicity.

Suggested Divination Meanings

Am I honoring my personal path?

Am I acting out of someone else’s negative patterns that I have taken on?

What is the actual felt experience of my own being?

Can I make my choices and allow for other’s choices at the same time?

What is inherent in me that I need to more bring forth into my life?

Can I discern between the energetic demands of others and the unique arising of energy within myself?

Can I drop the energetic demands of others to more deeply tune in to my own unique path?

Can I stand strong in my uniqueness while still honoring the depth of similarity I share?

What unique perspective or gift do I bring to this situation and am I giving it the space to work its magic?

Can I tune in to this situation without describing it, just feeling its energy, and learn from it this way?