Unique Frequency

Uniqueness most often gets painted as a radical difference, an exuberant deviation, or an eccentric insistence. On the flip side, we have endless data pointing out, beyond all appearances, how similar we actually are. While each of these extremes has their points, their teachings, I am not discussing either of them here.

Uniqueness, in this sense, is built-in. No matter how identical two people may seem to be, even going so far as to imagine two clones, they simply can never occupy the same space. This ultimate difference points out the undying uniqueness of perspective, what I call “location,” or one’s own energy, that we each ultimately are.

From childhood’s hour I have not been
As others were – I have not seen
As others saw – I could not bring
My passions from a common spring

― Edgar Allan Poe, Alone


They say location is everything, and if we are being honest, no one has ever been nowhere. Even the experience of being a disembodied consciousness in a void is an experience, a perspective, a location. Sure, our maps have a hard time containing such seemingly dislocated occurrences, but that does not indicate actual dislocation, just that our maps sometimes suck.

At our human root, we are a location, a perspective. Avoid the temptation to reduce it to body or mind, as those descriptions come later. Before all of that, we are a pure experience of perspective. We haven’t lost this experience. We’ve just covered it up with beautiful (and ugly) abstractions that have a way of insisting on their primacy. Yet that which actually and always has primacy has never changed.

Bathing In It

The only way back to our unique root is to bathe in it. We cannot think our way to it, we cannot map it or create it. It is, not how, but that we are, right now, as we always have been. The way back is to let go of all which is covering it up and simply relax back into our being as if slipping into a warm bath. We need not do anything to bathe, except let go into it.

As I do this, I rediscover something I call “my energy.” This is the felt experience of my incarnation. Not the ideas about me, though it includes those too. But the sum total of my visceral experience right now, inside and out, directly. This is “my” energy. The energy of this individual, the uniqueness that is simply the experience of being this one, right here.

Tuning In, Turning On, and Dropping Other People’s Energy

This return to my own felt frequency is a tuning in. It re-calibrates my sense of alignment to ever more return to myself in this way. Taking this time to return helps me to distinguish between my own energetic arisings and the energetic demands that others have woven into my patterns. Learning to let go of the demands of others, even if just for a few moments, helps me to refine this sense of my own energy, and with that refinement strengthens me to move with power within the multiplicity.

Yet this discernment does not stop at the skin. Our uniqueness is ultimately our perspective, and so it is also the energy we experience of the room we are in, of other people we encounter, of our world, our universe. Re-learning to dwell within our unique frequency both liberates us from the fetters of other people’s designs and empowers us to move in such ways as to enhance our collaborative undertakings to more mutually beneficial outcomes.

Suggested Divination Meanings

Am I honoring my personal path?

Am I acting out of someone else’s patterns that I have taken on?

What is the actual felt experience of my own being?

Can I make my choices and honor other’s choices at the same time?

What is inherent in me that I need to more bring forth into my life?

Can I discern between the energetic demands of others and the unique arising of energy within myself?

Can I drop the energetic demands of others to more deeply tune in to my own unique path?

Can I stand strong in my uniqueness while still honoring the depth of similarity I share?

What unique perspective or gift do I bring to this situation and am I giving it the space to work its magic?

Can I tune this situation without describing it, just feeling the energy of it, and learn from it this way?