Unseating Anxiety

“Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

—Frank Herbert, DUNE

Outer Teaching

The Myopic Moment

Fear is a contraction of perspective, a myopic moment that brings with it a sense of urgency and self-preservation. This is helpful in such moments when we need to pull a hand from the fire to avoid getting burned. The shadow arises when we habituate to this kind of perspective, narrow, urgent, self-preservation obsessed, and build our relationship with the world on it. Decisive focus is empowering. Anxiety-driven entrainment is not.

The act of focusing brings with it a sense of power. We have reduced our creative awareness down to a single point, and everything we have is flowing there. This is indeed a powerful capacity, but it can become covertly addictive to the point where we try and live in such a state. Such states, in the long term, are immensely limiting, isolating, and entropic. They cut us off from the vast resources of awareness that would otherwise help us overcome the myriad obstacles of life, inside and out.

Inner Teaching

Fear Feeds Fear

Fear is highly addictive, psychologically and chemically. Fear has a way of covertly convincing us that more fear is needed to protect our power. While there is a hidden occult enigma buried in this misunderstanding of ancient wisdom, it is generally a bad idea to collect fears as though they will set us free. Such fear is not freedom. It is, at best, a reminder of where we have not yet set ourselves free.

As one fear takes a seat within us, it makes room for others to join in. Before we know it, we have given up our throne of self-awareness to self-justifying, creativity-negating narrow-mindedness made of fearful perspectives masquerading as well reasoned and refined views. We compromise our sovereignty by taking such counsel from the shadow. The problem here is that the shadow is created from denial, so all it will ever advise will be to generate greater restriction.

Hidden Teaching

Psychic Shock

While we can intuit the place for practical fears and equally learn to root out our culturally endemic ones to bring more wisdom to our lives, a third form of fear takes such a radical form it is difficult to understand without knowing it directly. Psychic shock is an engulfing fear, an all-encompassing panic, like an electric shock that runs through the entire body-mind complex and completely overwhelms the system. It is debilitating, to say the least, if not entirely incapacitating, and arises from any experience, mundane or non-ordinary, that is too much for us to handle.

Whatever form it takes, it is an arising of such depth of experience, a jolt of total uncertainty from out of eternity, that it unravels us to the core. Yet this unraveling can bring a secret gift. When psychic shock courses through our system, like an electric, cold fire, it is burning away anything in our circuitry that impedes it. If we can allow such moments, however long they last, remembering what is happening even though our reason is stripped from us, we will find ourselves mysteriously renewed and realigned. We will find ourselves purified.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What fears do I justify having because they make me feel powerful?

What fears do I hold that limit my creative abilities?

Do I allow fear to convince me to accumulate more fear?

Have I succumbed to fearful thinking patterns without realizing it?

Is my fear indicating that it is not the time or is it telling me I am just afraid to act?

Which of my fears were inherited or trained into me, and how can I address them?

Am I operating from a system of self-referencing fears?

Is fear holding me back from taking powerful actions?

Can I sit in my fear and let it pass through me?

What can I learn from my fear?