Us & Them

“When no influence is strong enough
To unify people
They divide.
They struggle,
One against one,
Group against group,
For survival, position, power.
They remember old hates and generate new ones,
They create chaos and nurture it.
They kill and kill and kill…”

― Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower

The Wizard’s Reflection

Crossed Arms

Having been raised by families who are divided amongst themselves and against others, by cultures, schooling and social orders that thrive on division rather than collaboration, it is no wonder we are easily entrained to the differences rather than the similarities. Differences themselves are not an issue. Indeed they are a large part of the beauty and vitality of life, to be cultivated and celebrated. Yet fixating on differences in order to villainize, in order to build up one’s own identity and justify fearful action, is a misunderstanding of often terrible consequences.

The perpetuation of such misunderstanding, largely through institutionalized culture, but also on the interpersonal level by those who generally do not know any better, is a pathological momentum that reinforces itself through negative confirmation bias. Breaking the chains of such behaviors can be challenging, as the very habits they feed on are trained into the body-mind from an early age, and validated by the majority of those we encounter along the way. Harmony requires inquiry and discipline and striving for a new definition of maturity than the ones common thought promotes.

Suggested Divination Meanings

Who/what do I consider an enemy and how can I adjust my perception to a more fruitful one?

In what ways am I sustaining to the conflict?

Am I missing beneficial opportunities by going on the offensive?

Am I addicted to “the best defense is an good offence?”

Do I value the struggle more than the resolution?

Do I treat parts of myself as enemies?

How can I adjust my persepctive of “enemy” to the perspective of “traumatized?”

In what ways can I disarm the situation?

Do I get my sense of belonging from the denial of others?

How can I strive to bring ture, open-minded, open-hearted understadning to the situation?