Victorious Silence

“The quieter the mind the louder the soul.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

The Wizard’s Reflection

No One, Nowhere, No When, No Why, No How

Behind all of the dynamics of Creation is the canvas upon which it all becomes. This canvas completely allows for anything that arises and is equally unchanged by what appears. It has been understood in many ways. The void. Stillness. Peace. Allowance. Love. If all of Creation is considered to be the interplay of vibrations, of sound, the canvas upon which it plays can be understood and experienced as silence.

When faced with the overwhelm of what is experienced, the only way through is first to accept things as they are. To do so puts us in touch with our inherently allowing essence. This is not to say that in acceptance, we never move to change things. Quite the opposite in fact. Through our acceptance and reclaiming of the silence behind all sound, we put ourselves in touch with the infinite potency of our essential nature. It is only from here that the will to change can be realized in it’s most potent forms. It is only from the stillness that we can arise from the turmoil victorious.

Suggested Divination Meanings

What practices can I employ to cultivate inner silence?

How can I bring more inner peace into my world?

What problems do I have when my mind is silent?

What is my relationship to my inner dialogue?

Can I bring more stillness, peace and silence into myself?

What battles am I fighting that only exist in my mind?

Who am I when I am not referring to an idea for an answer?

In what ways can I beneficially use silence as an answer to a situation?

How can I infuse my actions and my voice with the power of silence?

How can I better use “negative space” in the geometry of my life?