Watercourse Way

“He sees only the winding of the stream and the twisting of the path. He does not know that already he is in the land of the immortals.”

—Alan Watts

The Wizard’s Reflection

Letting Go

Water always follows the downward path. When the river meets an obstacle, it changes course to flow around it. Over time, the river wears away at the obstacles, carving its path through the wilderness. To follow the way of the river is to be like the river, flowing around challenges, patiently removing obstacles, moving ever downward into embodiment and embracing what arises as it arises.

The most essential ability to cultivate is the ability to be so present that we can move with the changing currents, moving from calm waters to rapids and back again. Even a drop over the falls can be shifted from disaster to exhilaration when we find our bearings at the moment and take life on as it comes. The primordial power of water is to flow, and in doing so, we find ourselves buoyed from moment to moment, breath to breath.

Suggested Divination Meanings

How can I let go to flow with life?

What can I hold on to flow with life?

What does it mean to “float” in this situation?

Where is life directing me to go?

How can I be more grounded and embodied?

What tools can I use to navigate the currents better?

Can I switch currents and still get where I want to go?

What am I not noticing by being caught up in the ruckus?

Do I need to surrender to float?

Can I trust the flowing of life more?