Crossroads Tea Ceremony

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Drop in and partake of the tea and conversation whenever there is an open chair (or we will try to find you another one if not!). The “ceremony” is about being attentive to the brewing, partaking of the tea, connecting with the others at the table and the great mystery within and without. I craft these ceremonies to remember and remind each other that we are wizards on a dreaming path into the beyond. We will chat about whatever bubbles up, play with divination decks and generally take some time off from our dominant cultures to reconnect with ourselves. 

I will be brewing predominantly high mountain oolongs, with the occasional pu-erh, green, white and back tea thrown in to mix it up. The teas I source are of the highest quality, filled with life force and dreaming. The ceremony itself is non-traditional, casual and lighthearted. I have been practicing this style of ceremony, publically and privately, for over 20 years.

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