Wild Harmonic Coherency Cards
The Wild Harmonic Divination Deck Guide

Welcome to the world of Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards Divination. This deck is a series of elemental relationships illustrated as energetic perspectives that aim to cultivate a deepening communion with Creativity. Each card presents the inquirer with both Elemental & Chakra attributions making this deck integratabtle with Clairvoyant, Meditative & Ceremonial practices.

This deck is a collection of conversation topics I have found enriching to have with Creation. This book contains jumping off points and games to play I have found deepen my experience with Creation.

You are reading my free online guidebook for the deck with expanded card information and reading ideas. My aim is to represent a living system as best I can. To do so I will be updating my understanding of the deck as I myself learn more from its usage. To this end I will be updating, editing, expanding and otherwise changing this guide at my whim.

While this content can be considered a “complete” guide, it is far from finished. A revised, expanded version is in the works. Make sure to join my email list to stay notified.

Please use the menu to the right to navigate this guide or the card images at the bottom of each page to jump to a specific card’s entry.

May the panthaeon of the Awakened Dream be with us. May we open to the auspices of the way of Truth. May we share these boons with all. May all Magick be a Sacred Gesture for the benefit of all beings. May the benefits of all Magick come to fruition swiftly & Gracefully. May we rest in the impeccability of our Spirit. Primordially pure and present; awake & awakening; changing & unchanging; self-arising; allowing.

The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards, this online guidebook and everything else on this website was created by Gabe Marihugh and is © 2016 Gabe Marihugh, All Rights Reserved.

This deck is dedicated to Her Children and the Account of Man.