Wild Harmonic Coherency Cards
Card Rotation

As you draw a card it will have some orientation of rotation around the circle. Think of it like a 12 hour clock. When the card is face up it is at 12 o’clock. As it rotates to the right is goes to 1, 2, 3 and so on until it is upside down at 6. It then continues clockwise to 7, 8, 9 and so on until it is at 12 again. When you draw a card you can note it’s rotation in this way and add a layer of meaning to it as an indication of where in the process of Ascension and Embodiment the card is speaking to.

On the level of the energy body, particularly within the chakras, energy is always on a journey. This journey goes two ways: rising and descending. This is also called the journey and return, or ascension and embodiment.

The idea here is that the first part of the journey is a rising through energies, clearing the way with purifying karma and so forth. As the journey summits, and vision is attained, then begins the second part of the journey, back down.

This decent is not a falling or loosing of anything, it is in fact the entire point of the first part of the journey to arrive at. This is the path of embodiment, where I must claim my vision by making it real within my world. If I thought the purification process was filled with enigmas, this embodiment process is a riddle within a riddle at time.

Of course it can be graceful as well. This greatly depends on the purification process that occurred within the rising. It is quite possible to take short cuts to rise in energy, but when I do I have found that it makes the embodiment of those higher energies less than routine. Learning the subtitles of this twofold process, the inhale and the exhale, has become a serious point of inquiry for me.

Each card can be seen to be somewhere in this process as indicated by its rotation when it is drawn. Finding this is easy. Imagine an upright clock face over the card. The top of the card, where the elemental attributions are named, indicates where on the clock face the cycle of the card is. From 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock, the process is in ascent. From 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock the process is in embodiment.

Allow the idea of whether the process is in a purifying stage, a rising, clearing and opening stage, or whether it is in an embodiments stage, where the higher energies of the cycle are seeking to be made real within one’s life. The distance into the hours the card is determines even more specifically where in the cycle it is.

For instance a card at 1 o’clock is at the beginning of the ascent. A card at 5 o’clock is nearing the completion of ascent. A card at 9 o’clock is right in the middle, half way, of the embodiment process. At card at 12 o’clock is right between cycles. A card at 6 o’clock is shifting gears between ascent and embodiment. And so on.