Wild Harmonic Coherency Cards
Chakra Reading

This approach is used to discern a potentially very multidimensional view of a situation.

Begin the reading as you see fit. Craft your question and, once the deck is ready, draw a single card for each of the first five chakras (5 cards total).

Basic Reading

Each card will be a commentary on how different layers of your being are viewing the situation.

The root chakra card is how your root energy is seeing the situation. The card drawn here will be indicating how better to root yourself, draw nourishment and otherwise enable life to continue existing with power. This could be seen as the overview of the situation.

The sacral chakra card will indicate how things are flowing within the situation. The card drawn here will indicate from where or to where energy is flowing, which in turn reveals how to get with the flow, or rather, where life is trying to go.

The solar plexus chakra card shows a reflection of the person being read in this situation. It can clarify what the empowering perspective is to focus the personality and intelligence of individuality upon.

The heart chakra card presents the point of harmony and interconnection that the situation is affording. Finding this aspect and teasing it forth will nurture greater connectivity, meaning and fulfillment.

The throat chakra card represents the synthesis of the first four cards, or how they merge together as they rise to take form in manifestation. It indicates the understanding of the whole that is great than its parts and the vehicle through which the different aspects, or layers, or self can find unified expression.

Digging Deeper

As you will see, while each card is placed within a chakra, each card also represents up to two other chakras at play in the energy. How one brings these three energies together in a reading is going to be highly personal. I have found no formula that works every time other than taking in all the aspects, feeling the interplay within myself, and moving in the direction of inspiration. Doing the daily single card reading regularly will help engage and speed up this process of both discerning the complexities of how the chakras interact and how to come to simple, actionable understandings of what these interactions suggest.